Whole Tree Energy™

Whole Tree Energy™ (WTE) is a renewable energy system that includes the use of crop-raised whole trees in biomass power plants to produce clean energy. The clean combustion design, as well as the use of fast-growing farm-raised trees, results in a closed-loop energy production system.

Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants are some of the largest contributors to global warming. The carbon dioxide produced by the WTE™ system is completely offset by the carbon dioxide sequestered in the trees used as the fuel source.

In addition to carbon dioxide, other fossil fuel plant emissions such as sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and particulates are very low when using whole trees in place of fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas.

Another environmentally harmful byproduct of coal burning power plants is ash. Coal ash is considered hazardous waste and contains dangerous levels of toxic chemicals such as lead, chromium and arsenic.

The WTE™ system produces less than 25% of the amount of ash that traditional coal burning plants produce and the tree ash does not contain the dangerous levels of toxic chemicals found in coal ash.  In contrast, the tree ash may be used as a fertilizer for tree plantations that supply fuel to the power plant.

As with all types of energy production, cost and the ability to keep up with demand is key to a sustainable energy source.  WTE™ provides base load, dispatchable electricity (unlike other clean energy alternatives such as wind and solar energy) at a cost that is less than coal burning plants.

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