Energy Performance Systems, Inc.

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EPS, Inc. designed a multi-row injection tree planter that can plant 4-6 trees per second using GPS guided spacing.  The type of trees currently handled by the planter are short cuttings of hybrid poplars, willows and silver maples (also called slips).  The injection planter does not require plowing, tilling or pre-marking prior to planting. Spacing of the trees and rows can be adjusted depending on the desired harvest size of the trees. 

Using drought and insect resistant hybrid tree slips planted at 5 foot intervals, within and between rows, allows for harvest ready trees within 5 years of planting. Once the trees are harvested, new trees grow from the leftover tree stump and the cycle repeats itself.

Aside from the energy that trees provide, the farm-grown trees can be produced on agricultural soils with only about 10% of the chemical and fertilizer inputs used for other biomass crops such as corn grown for ethanol production.  

Injection Planter